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How Traditional Media Can Help With SEO

As the name implies, traditional marketing refers to more traditional forms of media. Newspapers, radio, television, posters, flyers, billboards, magazines, and even SMS marketing fall into this category.

Traditional marketing is more expensive and more difficult to measure in terms of ROI. It is, however, very effective in targeting local audiences, as well as older audiences and people who prefer “old-school” media.

Until recently, Public Relations (PR) made by traditional marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) were two distinct operations. SEO was solely concerned with optimizing the technicalities and performance of one’s website, whereas PR sought to draw attention to branded content and newsworthy announcements. But, believe it or not, PR and SEO have many similar goals, and digital marketing agencies like Effective Spend have seen how clients can benefit from combining the two disciplines.

Differences Between Modern SEO and Traditional Media

It is critical to distinguish between link-building and Traditional Media contact lists.

Does Not Need To Come From Reputable News Sources

SEO link building is primarily concerned with obtaining a high-quality backlink to a site’s priority page and is less concerned with the website being a “traditional” media outlet like Forbes or the New York Times.

Finally, any website that is relevant and can provide value in terms of link building will be included on an SEO link building list. A company blog, for example, that is relevant to our client’s industry or offering could be an excellent candidate for link building efforts. The goal of SEO link building is frequently to secure a link insertion or feature in an existing piece of content.

Traditional Media Involves Product Reviews Mainly

As opposed to SEO link building, traditional media outreach often involves pitching a net-new piece of content like a product review, an expert interview or byline, etc. Typically, executing link building outreach is more straightforward and evergreen, while conducting traditional media outreach is more of a timely and comprehensive lift.

While neither approach is “better” or secures more links than the other, it’s crucial to understand when each is appropriate. For instance, a product launch would be best supported by traditional media outreach tactics, while SEO link building would be most beneficial when trying to build links to a particular page on the client’s website. 

How To Effectively Leverage On Traditional Media To Help With SEO

Use Business Cards To Market Your Business

Even today, business cards will remain relevant because printed media has an impact that digital media cannot fully replace. It also conveys professionalism when you’re at networking events, and it’s a quick way to exchange contact information.

In marketing, business cards essentially serve as a representation of your brand: everything from your logo, fonts, colors, and design contribute to increased brand recognition.

As a follow-up to the previous point, having your website and social channels printed on your cards will help your brand stand out when customers go online.

Advertise Digital Presence In Print Media

If you own a physical store, you should incorporate your website and social media handles into the design of your print media. This includes packaging, promotional materials, and so on.

You can also make things easier for your customers by including a QR code that leads to a landing page with all of your social media links or a link to your contact page — whatever makes sense for your goal.

Follow Up With Leads Through Digital Media

When it comes to nurturing leads, one of the ways that traditional and digital media complement each other. Traditional marketing is very effective at reaching a larger audience.

Digital marketing, on the other hand, is more focused on a specific audience. When used in tandem, it can assist you in developing deeper relationships with both potential and existing customers.

People may later search for you on Google. They may then subscribe to your newsletter or even purchase your services.

Whatever leads you generate traditionally — for example, through networking events, your business card, and so on — you can nurture them further by utilizing digital channels such as SEO, email marketing, and social media.

HARO SEO Strategy

HARO which means Help A Reporter Out is a top-notch Off-Page SEO strategy that also combines with some traditional media. Although this traditional media may at times refers to digitalized form of the media, it still works a lot with a very highly influential authority in the social media world. However, this must be done strategically as you should only shout it out to your journalist contact should your business idea be worth reporting on.

What Must You Do Before Investing In SEO

Before you begin investing in SEO, make sure you have a lovely website that runs smoothly, loads quickly, and has some great content. While we can assist with all of these issues, it is preferable if you come to us with an existing platform that is ready for promotion.

Second, you must determine your financial situation. Knowing this number in advance allows us to decide which packages are best for you and begin working on your SEO as soon as possible.

Why not leave behind your contact details to see how we can help you out?

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