What does Uber and birth control have in common?

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Biden and other world leaders are gathering at the NATO summit, which begins this week. In addition, the Dublin Tech Summit takes place on Thursday, with yours truly, other TC representatives, and many entrepreneurs making virtual appearances.

Now, let’s get to the news!

The seat next to Jeff Bezos as he launches into space has just been filled for $28 million. Elon Musk also tweeted that Tesla may begin accepting Bitcoin as payment once at least half of it can be mined with clean energy. The comment sent Bitcoin up a few percentage points, with the price hovering around $39,173 at the time of the recording.
This morning, the Financial Times reports that Flagship Pioneering, the company responsible for incubating and launching Moderna, has raised $3.4 billion in a new venture capital fund. Flagship isn’t your typical venture capital firm. It forms teams to brainstorm solutions to problems, incubates the most promising ones, and then spins out and finances those companies. Rounds of funding: Byju has received a check from UBS and Zoom founder Eric Yuan, making it India’s most valuable startup. Post-money, the company is now worth $16.5 billion. In addition, The Pill Club has raised an extension Series B round, with former Uber executive Liz Meyerdirk now at the helm.
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